Oct 18, 2011

Set Default Wallpaper on Windows XP

This is an old one, but I wanted to get it online as a reminder...

Now this can be done via GPO...but to avoid locking the Wallpaper down, this quick registry hack will set the first wallpaper for any new logons...while allowing the flexibility for the user to make a change whenever they see fit...

1. Enable 'Show Hidden Files'

2. Regedit

3. Highlight HKEY_USERS, File->Load Hive

 - Navigate/Open "C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\NTUSER.DAT"

 - Name it DefUser (or whatever)

4. Add the absolute path of the wallpaper to key:

HKEY_USERS\DefUser\Control Panel\Desktop\Wallpaper

5. File-->Unload Hive

6. Disable 'Show Hidden Files'

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