Jun 30, 2011

Deploy Adobe Reader X

Quick post for remembering the basic steps for deploying Adobe Reader X via GPO...

Start by registering to download Adobe Reader by selecting the "Distribute Adobe Reader" from here.

Once you have the exe, run the following command to extract the msi:

<path >\AdbeRdr1010_en_US.exe -nos_o"Reader10" -nos_ne 

Browse...dump the files to the distribution share...then run the Adobe Customization Wizard X  (Download from here).

At this point, you can customize the install however you want (Click ‘File->Save Package’ when complete)

Now the distribution share is ready to go...time to configure the GPO!

1.       Open Group Policy Management MMC
2.       Under Computer Configuration, drill down to Software Installation
3.       Select New Package->Browse to the MSI, and select “Advanced” when prompted
4.       Click the “Modifications” tab, and select “Add”.
5.       Browse to the .mst file (which is created from the Adobe Customization Wizard)
6.       Press OK, and you are done!

As always, test before deployment...(Virtual Machines are your friend!)

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