Jun 29, 2011

First Post

After a lot of deliberation on which platform to choose...Dave's IT TechBlog is online!

Originally, I built a CentOS web server in an Oracle VirtualBox Virtual Machine...installed WordPress, and it seemed to be a great option (lots of features and flexibility)!  After playing with it for a while...and a few unforseen reboots from the kids...I decided a cloud service like Blogger is the better choice. plan is to blog about the different issues and fixes I find throughout my day as a Systems Administrator.  Whether it is a BSOD error code, found bugs, best practice, or just something I find interesting...expect to see it here!

I am playing a lot with templates and layouts right now, so don't be surprised if everything looks a little crazy?!? 

That is about it!  First post is complete...!!

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