Jul 5, 2011

Dell OMSA Login issue with Computer Names containing Underscore

So I can successfully log into every one of my Dell servers via Open Manage Server Administrator, except for a few servers that are named with an underscore (or understrike, low line, low dash, underbar)...i.e. Server_Name or Exchange_A

Not sure the exact reason for the issue, but I do have a fix...!

Instead of navigating to the server via Computer name, use the IP Address! 

Instead of:     https://Exchange_A:1311/

Alternatively, you can log onto the server locally and use “localhost” or loopback address...

I should also note that on the servers I am seeing this issue, I am running version 5.2 and 5.4 of the OMSA software...

To ensure this issue doesn’t reappear, update all Favorites/Bookmarks with the IP...

Hope this helps!

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